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The expression of muscular strength has changed considerably since antiquity.

Throughout the history of sport, the various criteria for assessing the performance of athletes in this field have given rise to several sporting disciplines.

The evolution of these disciplines to the modern sports of force, requires an ever more rigorous search for a selection of the force component.

The most recent of these disciplines, the FORCE ATHLETIC (Powerlifting), which is more than 20 years old in FRANCE is currently a great success.

The Athletic Strength tests are simple. They emphasize the expression of the optimal strength of an athlete. This makes technical learning easier and therefore faster. The margin of progression is very important, the consecration at the highest level often represents more than twenty years of training and competition. Accidents are rare.

The exercises of strength training practiced by the powerlifters have the best effect on the cardiovascular system. This was demonstrated brilliantly by the American FRED HATFIELD, champion in this discipline. His heart curiously presents all the characteristics of athleticism of that of a marathon runner.
This athlete started the FORCE at the age of 13 without ever worrying about his physical condition and without any practice known as “aerobic”. It is exclusively in the room, thanks to strength training, that his heart has been able to reach such a development.

Globally, the Athletic Force is led by the I.P.F. (International Powerlifting Federation), member of the General Assembly of the International Federation (A.G.F.I.) and the World Games, and approved by the International Olympic Committee (C.I.O.).

In France, it is the C.N.O.S.F. (French National Olympic Committee for Sport) who took charge of the development of this discipline following the judicial liquidation of the F.F.H.M.D.A. (French Federation of Weightlifting Musculation and Associated Disciplines).

The National Athletic Strength Committee, under the aegis of the C.N.O.S.F. Is the only one authorized to organize national competitions and to present athletes in international competition.

The I.P.F. Was created in November 1972. This Federation now has all the criteria in order to become an Olympic Federation.

The international competitions are broadcast on the American television channels and Eurosport.

The ATHLETIC FORCE comprises three events or “movements”, which we present in the order of their execution on the competition platform.

  • THE SQUAT or Leg bending
    It consists of squatting with the bar held behind the shoulders, then to straighten. This exercise intensely solicits the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and lumbar regions.
  • The Developed lying or “BENCH PRESS”
    It consists, being lying on a bench, to bring back the bar on the chest and then to push back until the complete extention of the arms. This exercise solicits the pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms.
  • The lifted Earth or “DEAD LIFT”
    It consists of raising the bar placed on the tray until the complete extension of the lower limbs and the bust, bringing the shoulders back. In addition to the thigh muscles of the buttocks, this exercise involves the abdominal-lumbar strap, back, shoulders and arms.

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